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Our Factory

   Our factory was set up in 1998, have more than 20 year experienced workersWe have an excellent management team and a rigorous and professional team of engineers. Able to solve all your problems with Floats . Our quality inspection department uses advanced technology to ensure that all our products are not leaking.

Collaboration between teams to meet customer needs in the shortest possible time.

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Our Test

   Our product testing equipment uses an advanced Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector,use helium gas pressure to check whether the float is qualified in a vacuum environment.



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   90% of our products are supplied to OEM customers, all of which are terminal float switches and manufacturers of liquid level gauges, providing them with the perfect products. We have engineers who have been working for more than 20 years. We can design products for our customers. We also improve our products according to market changes, thus enhancing our overall product image and quality.


   We have our own team of engineers. There are 5 people. They have their own research on magnetic floats, precision floats, flat floats, and threaded floats. We also provide design drawings and special drawings for customers in need. Late technical support. In order to ensure that customers purchase products from us, enjoy good after-sales service. This is also one of our characteristics. In addition, each engineers drawings and production details are guaranteed, and engineers will participate in order to find problems and correct them in time.